Version 0.1.2

Good morning! Yesterday was the launch of my new game, Fiscal Jesters, and the reception has been a healthy mix of positive and constructive; I've taken some of the latter notes and made a patch. Here's a quick look at the changes in version 0.1.2:

  • Added new Jester, the venerable Yenjamin Franklin
  • Added configurable gamepad controls on select screen
  • Remapped manual row drop to shoulder buttons (down button still does it too)
  • Fixed bug where timer caps out at 9:59.99 in single player mode
  • Garbage calculations now ignore eliminated players
  • Updated tutorial to fix typos and things that just aren't true any more
  • Updated select screen UI to accommodate custom controls and Yenjamin Franklin's long-ass name


Fiscal Jesters for Windows 16 MB
Jul 24, 2021
Fiscal Jesters for Mac 15 MB
Jul 24, 2021

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