Version 0.1.4

Good morning! It's the Fiscal Jesters' record keeper, kyatt7, back at you with another update for Fiscal Jesters. The HUD has been rearranged in such a way that you can view your score and coin count during multiplayer modes; the score doesn't really do anything right now, but you can use it to claim some kind of moral victory after you self-pile yourself to an unexpected loss.

Also, in single player, I added your best chain of the run to the UI - with row dropping now enabled during an active chain, you might be able to get that number really big!

  • Added multiplayer HUD (coin count, score, incoming rows, creepy jester statue that you can bribe with K-Notes)
  • Added arrow to HUD that warns of incoming garbage and telegraphs incoming rows
  • Added EXP3 coins (an experimental new coin wherein each denomination is worth 3x more than the previous one)
  • Removed redundant elements from single player HUD
  • Added best chain to single player HUD
  • Speed Level goes up once every 100 coins, regardless of starting speed (capped at MAX/11)
  • New rows can be added to the pile mid-chain
  • Save file added for settings config
  • Character bios added to jester select screen
  • Button guide in corner of screen during Jester Select

PS: You can also now play Fiscal Jesters in-browser. Probably shoulda led with that.


Fiscal Jesters for Windows 16 MB
Jul 28, 2021
Fiscal Jesters for Mac 15 MB
Jul 28, 2021

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