Version 0.1.3

Good morning! How was your weekend? Did you spend some of it playing Fiscal Jesters? Well, there's a new update out for it, which adds improved support for keyboard players, new character palettes, and a Magical Drop-style quota system. Full details below:

  • Added keyboard control options and UI glyphs
  • Default keyboard controls changed: J/Z to throw, K/X to grab, L/C to drop row
  • Match sounds only play once per chain
  • Everybody gets a new palette!
  • Sped up DAS (it now procs every 7 frames instead of 8)
  • Game can be restarted or exited from single player game over screen
  • Highest denomination of coin matches spawn K-Notes - meet the K-Note quota as an alternate way to win a round
  • Quota adjustment added to match options
  • Winner's coins sparkle away at the end of a round
  • Beginning coin patterns are now the same for each player (consisting of 3 random rows from the current coin pattern)
  • Scaling effect added to columns at risk of overflowing
  • Chain graphic changes as chain increases


Fiscal Jesters for Mac 15 MB
Jul 26, 2021
Fiscal Jesters for Windows 16 MB
Jul 26, 2021

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