Version 0.3.2

Good mo... evening? Ok, so here's the deal - it has been brought to my attention that the rerolls for the kapsule machine weren't actually working, so I had to rush out a patch for it. That, ideally, would be the 0.3.2 update in its entirety, but I've also had a few productive nights this week, and I didn't feel like reverting the repo to 0.3.1 just to fix this, so I'm releasing the current build of the game, as is!

Most prominently, the coin patterns have been changed significantly - much like Money Idol Exchanger, there's now one coin pattern for normal play, and a second coin pattern for garbage rows. The difference is, the garbage pattern is now determined by stage, instead of by individual players. That way, the game is balanced without everybody having to pick the same character. More main/garbage patterns are on their way.

Also, I finally figured out how to keep pixels locked into a grid (ie: the rendered image is always 480x270, regardless of any rotation/scaling effects done to sprites). I might have to go back and apply this to Fist's Elimination Tower, too, although there are so many things I'd like to change about that game - feels like a trap.

But I digress, here's the list of changes for v0.3.2:

  • Pixels now rendered more realistically
  • Coin patterns have changed
  • Garbage rows are now different than rows pushed in via timer or player action
  • Garbage rows differ for each stage
  • Ability to disable special orbs added to quickplay menu
  • Stage option removed from quickplay menu, added to select screen (multiplayer only, currently)
  • Score scrolls now
  • There was an errant pixel on the title screen for some reason. It's gone now.
  • Button glyphs appear on kapsule machine screen when gamepad is used
  • Menu button graphics redone - finally found a use for that Honey Room font!
  • Fixed bug that messed up kapsule rerolls
  • Credits screen updated

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