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The year is 20X1. Coin-based disasters are on the rise. The world's only hope are the Fiscal Jesters, an elite squad of coin jugglers who travel the globe, cheering up people with their funny antics and coin removal abilities.

Fiscal Jesters is a 1-4 player Droplike - a term I coined for the subgenre of 90s puzzle games identifiable by their upside-down boards, such as Magical Drop and Money Idol Exchanger. Choose a jester, sort your coins, and bury your opponents under an avalanche of coins!

Match coins in your pile to exchange them for bigger coins (ie: group 5 adjacent pennies, and the rightmost one on the lowest row will turn into a nickel). Try chaining these exchanges to send devastating garbage rows to your opponents, slipping them up, and pulling more of that funny focus onto you, where it belongs! Chains are also worth more points in single player mode.

By default, the keyboard controls player 1, but this can be changed in the settings menu. Further control customizations will come in a future build.

Gamepad controls (Xbox buttons)

LEFT: Move to the left
RIGHT: Move to the right
DOWN/RT/LT: Advance next row of coins
A/B: Grab coins from pile
X/Y: Throw held coins onto pile
START: Pause game
Y: Open settings menu

Keyboard controls

LEFT/A: Move to the left
RIGHT/D: Move to the right
DOWN/S/L/C: Advance next row of coins
K/X: Grab coins from pile
J/Z: Throw held coins onto pile
P/ESCAPE: Pause game
ENTER: Open settings menu


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The genre should be called "drop 'em ups" instead.


Addictive and charming as heck - amazing stuff!


This was a lot of fun! Even though we don't play these type of games often, the tutorial was helpful. It was confusing at first, but at the end we understood it more. Wished we  can play against the CPU but all good. 

My partner doesn't like math-like puzzle games, but she kind of enjoyed it. Haha. 

Will check out your other games. Really like the art/pixel work too!


Coolio action puzzler! I like the colorful/lively aesthetic, all the characters look rad (I especially like how Scootsie sits on his pile of coins and rolls them around and Loona holds the coins in her mouth instead of just holding them regularly), and the game feels pretty fun and fast-paced as a whole.

Also, it's a bit of a technical question, but is there a surefire way to determine where the newly-created coin from exchanging a group of coins will be spawned? Here's a few examples of what I mean:


Whoops, I knew I forgot something in the tutorial! The new coin will replace the rightmost coin in the bottommost row, just like in MIE. In that last example, it would appear in the bottom right corner, thankfully continuing the chain.

Aha, I seeeee. Thank you for the explanation! c:


Played it, Love it!

Keep up the good work

Been trying to emulate MPE using Neo Geo stuff, but having a lot of trouble, but this helps a lot. :)


I like the character's selection animations. Expecially Scotsie's.


Awesome and funny game. 


that funny jester is gonna catch these fists...


SCOOTSIE MY LOVE there a chance in future of unlockable Beeserker?

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so cool nostalgic bubble 

Yay, first gameplay video I've seen (that wasn't made by me)! Thanks, for both the video and pointing out that the time caps at 9:59.99 - I'll have to fix that in the next update.

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Thank you so much. Money Idol Exchanger is one of my favorite games ever and being able to play this was a joy