Version 0.3.0

Good! Morning! I really thought I was gonna be on release v0.2 for a while, but looking at the list of changes in front of me, I have no choice but to ramp this up to v0.3! I should note, version numbers don't correspond to decimals; the game is much more than 30% complete at this point.

But enough about version naming conventions, you probably want to know what's in this certifiably massive update! First of all, for all you lonely hearts out there, there are now CPU players - to play against them, simply start a multiplayer game, and any extra characters that you don't have a controller/keyboard for will automatically be turned into robots. They're not smart robots, but they're learning (not in a Skynet way).

Speaking of machines, the Fiscal Jesters' resident inventor, Mx. Skellington, is now a playable character, and they appear on the newly refactored title screen. From the new title, you can instantly access the quickplay menu, the tutorial, the kapsule machine, and the settings menu.

Oh wait, the kapsule machine is new too! Give this machine the K-Notes you earn in-game, and it will return random toys that unlock new palettes for characters! Collect all 52 kapsule toys! Now, I'm sure some of you are less than thrilled about this addition, but I assure you, I've learned a lot about random unlocks since Fist's Elimination Tower, and I am handling this as ethically as I can. Here are some ways that this system differs from your typical "gacha game":

  1. All unlocks are cosmetic palette swaps, and earned exclusively with in-game currency
  2. All characters are instantly unlocked along with their corresponding palette #1
  3. One (1) K-Note gets you a random 1:52 chance at any kapsule toy (equal rarity across the board)
  4. Getting a repeat will add one to your reroll tally; on subsequent repeats, it will automatically reroll a number of times equal to your current reroll tally, or until you get a new one, which means your odds get progressively better after each fail
  5. Seven (7) K-Notes gets you a guaranteed new kapsule toy (unless you got 'em all already)
  6. I placed a toggle in the settings menu that will just make all of the kapsule unlocks available, and you can turn it on or off at any time

Furthermore, once I add a display screen/checklist for all of the capsule toys (which is next on the docket), I'll offer the ability to buy individual ones outright, but in the meantime, this is the unlock system, which you can opt out of 100% if you choose. Anyway, with that act of contrition out of the way, here's the full list of changes in v0.3.0:

  • CPU players (their AI is still a little bit funny)
  • Refactored main menu, complete with new logo
  • New Jester: Mx. Skellington
  • Added unlockable palettes for all jesters
  • Added Kapsule machine
  • Added option to "unlock" all kapsule palettes, just in case the idea of a Kapsule machine doesn't interest you
  • Amended tutorial to mention new coin placement
  • Added keyboard prompt to pause screen
  • Updated EXP3 coin sprites
  • Increased DAS delay time on menus
  • Added time mode (existing mode now known as survival mode)
  • Added stage and coin set icons to single player HUD
  • Cooldown added for grab/throw sound effects, to regulate their volume
  • Added some character specific win lines
  • Added mash tech, a la Magical Drop III (hold a direction and mash the throw/grab buttons to move faster)

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