Version 0.2.1

Good morning! Got another funny update this week that's a bit of a scattershot. We got a new playable character on deck in Polly, the TCG-obsessed mermaid, an in-engine tutorial to replace that slideshow that earlier builds had, presented by second new character Dr. Sen, 

  • New Jester: Polly
  • Bootup title character changed to Polly
  • Title character changes after single player mode too
  • In-engine tutorial added (access from settings or title)
  • Softened coin grabbing/throwing sound effects
  • Added jiggle effects to columns when coins are moved
  • Added effects on failed grab
  • Win quotes added to VS match end screen
  • Added 50 cent piece to Canada coin set - pattern is now 1>5>25>50>100>200>K
  • Fixed menu navigation bugs on gamepad
  • Increased auto-shift delay on menus
  • Fixed Party Island music loop timing
  • Added motion effect to coin grab/throw
  • Refactored coin animation logic (so it actually looks good if you drop a row mid-exchange)

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Oh my goodness, I rewatched a Money Idol Exchanger gameplay video recently and realized the "Did you pay the money, didn't you?" on the machine in this game's tutorial is a reference to what Sakura says in MIE while tutorializing there, good stuffs. ;u;