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THERE WAS A MIXUP AT THE FACTORY! is a work in progress - new characters/rulesets, tutorials, control customization, and online multiplayer are on their way, once that version number gets a little bigger. In the meantime, please enjoy this local 2P demo build with endless/battle mode, 5-min caravan mode, and practice mode.


THERE WAS A MIXUP AT THE FACTORY! (or Mixup Factory, for short), is an anthology covering the lives of four forklift pilots at a factory that is constantly just goofing up and making big ol' whoopsies that can only be solved by using a forklift to sort the various items it produces into matching rows and columns.

v0.3 Controls:

  • D-Pad [keys: WASD]: Move Cursor
  • Face Buttons [keys: Arrows]: Shift Row/Column
  • Start [keys: P, Space]: Start Game/Pause
  • L/R Button [keys: Q/E]: Open Settings Menu, Toggle Forklift Menu
  • Select/Back [Keys: Esc]: Back out of current menu
  • On menus, the face buttons and arrows function the same as the D-Pad/WASD - think of them like a second D-Pad, like they are in the game
  • Keyboard controls P1 in single player, and P2 in multiplayer


The 1P-only legacy build of the game (v0.2) is available as a separate download, at least until I can figure out how to replicate the low-res look of it in the current build (lots of the UI elements got rearranged in v0.3 to fill out the screen, and making a second compact version of all that isn't high on my priorities at the moment).

v0.2 Controls:

  • D-Pad [keys: Arrows]: Move Cursor + Navigate Menu
  • Face Buttons [keys: WASD]: Shift Row/Column + Toggle Menu Options
  • Start [keys: P, ESC]: Start Game/Pause
  • L Button [keys: L]: Character Select Menu
  • R Button [keys: R]: Configuration Menu
  • Select [Keys: E]: Toggle Scootsie
  • [keys: F]: Toggle Fullscreen
  • [keys: R]: Restart Current Run

Note: in menus, up/left and down/right have the same function

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
Authorkyatt7 [Impostor Cat Games]
TagsArcade, Funny, Local multiplayer, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer


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Mixup Factory 0.3 (PC) 16 MB
Mixup Factory 0.3 (Mac) 15 MB
Mixup Factory 0.2 (PC) 15 MB
Mixup Factory 0.2 (Mac) 15 MB

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this game looks so good it makes me want to become your best friend

Thanks for the game, I really like it.

Bug reports are my love language :P

In 0.3.0 on the PC, If I start the game by hitting space twice, Forklift OS shows the character information over the top of the controls information making it very hard to read.

also maybe more of an easter egg, but if I hit escape when viewing the "Scootsie" character page, I can "oops" by moving the letters of the logo around (and because Scootsie, pushing them off) . If I "Oops" three times I can get game over on the home screen too :)

Could you make a linux build of your game?


This is fantastic! Played it with a controller, and after a minute or so the controls clicked and everything felt like second nature. Very addictive. Looking forward to purchasing a full release.

Music, gameplay, and graphics are all super tight.  Am I missing the exit button, or is it alt+f4 only at the moment? No way to exit with a controller?

if you press the confirm button on "ditch" on the pause menu 7 times, it shuts the game down (there will be a more intuitive way in v0.3.0)


I had a bad time today, this game made my day, it's so relaxing.

I love that game :) I'll donate some $ when I get better economy.


controls were kinda challenging at first, but its very cool and addicting :D

I love the music, did you make it yourself?

The credits lists the music composer as Jac Cooper (@JacCooperMusic on Twitter)!

Thanks, I will follow him!


I can see this as being very addicting and it controls well. Very tough, but fun!

Why can't we claim this? I can't download it now

This rules

Nice colors and cool mechanics) Great job!