Go Morse Go! Arcade Edition: Homecoming Update

Get hyped! Go Morse Go! Arcade Edition: Homecoming Update is now live! This free content update adds 26 new costumes - some of them are home uniform versions of existing outfits, and some are brand new characters, including a certain crustacean who's made cameo appearances in my other games, a member of the marching band, and a couple of my 20 year-old cats who left my world earlier this year. I miss you every day, Max and Maxx.

But enough bummers; you're probably wondering how to access these outfits. It's simple! On the outfit select screen, enter the letter of the outfit that you're already wearing, and it'll swap you to the alternate outfit menu. To swap immediately, remember, the default is usually outfit E, but in Training Mode, it's outfit T.

...oh yeah, there's also a Training Mode! With no time limit, you can play at your own pace, and practice your Morse code without the usual 5-second rush my games tend to have. You can even filter which letters you practice - select all letters, just the easy ones (1-3 dots/dashes), just the hard ones (4 dots/dashes), or choose A to Z to do a 26-round drill where you enter all the letters in order.

By the way, the new outfits are unlocked alongside their "away team" counterparts, so regardless of how many outfits you've unlocked, this update instantly doubles it. Enjoy!

Go Morse Go! Arcade Edition version 1.1.0 changelog:

-It's the Homecoming Update!
-Added 26 new outfits
-Added training mode


Go Morse Go! Arcade Edition for Mac 7 MB
Sep 24, 2018
Go Morse Go! Arcade Edition for PC 7 MB
Sep 24, 2018

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