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A vertical shmup about a time traveling crab. While scuttling through an abandoned time factory, a crab pokes its claw at a barrel with both a clock and a skull/crossbones painted on the outside. A puncture of the metal later, the crab is exposed to toxic time waste, giving it the gift and curse of time travel.

Shoot lasers out of your claws all throughout time (or just in Ancient Egypt, because I only had time to make part of one level in 48 hours), and avoid enemy projectiles, because when you get hit, your claws fall off, and go spiraling backwards in time, replicating all of the actions in reverse until they fade into nothingness. Don't worry, you're a crab, they'll grow it back.

The game is best played on a monitor turned vertically, although it is perfectly playable on a standard landscape monitor.

Chrono Pincer: Prologue was made for Global Game Jam 2020, the theme of which was "repair".


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Neat lil shmup! I like the health being conveyed by the amount of claws you have and how you gain it back over time, and manually being able to detach them seems interesting too.