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good, I liked it 8/10


i really like the pixel art but sometimes i wish it wasn't pixelated

There one way to put money code? :o

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Congratulations to the 2nd place in the first Strawberry Jam, it's well deserved. :) The pixel art in this little fighting game was gorgeous and I loved the polishment of the implemented game mechanics. <3 Especially the grabbing snake hook attack was a pure delight! Thank you very much for this little game, happily I wrote a little article about it as well as uploaded a short gameplay video. :) Keep up the wonderful work!

Best wishes,


Snakes that cover your modesty AND act as weapons? Sign me up!

Cute little arcade game with some cool upgrades (loving the resident evil reference) coupled with some awesome art and graphics. Definitely worth a gander, gameplay video below for your viewing pleasure: