Boo! The Halloween update is here!

Welcome! It's that spookiest time of the year, and to celebrate, for the first time since the game's launch, we're adding new costume items to dress your contestants in, and all are immediately unlocked - no spinning required! If you've unlocked the ability to select the set for the tower, you'll find that there's a brand new one, Fistenstein's Castle. This bone-chilling tower has new background music, and frighteningly different enemies (except the ghosts... I kept those the same, because ghosts are already spooky enough).

While not particularly scary, this update also includes the Remix Set, which will randomly change the set every 30 floors.


Update 1.1.0 details:

  • Added over a dozen new contestant customization items
  • Added 2 new sets: Fistenstein's Castle and Remix Set
  • Fixed a bug that made fists display inaccurately for a split second when the floor loads
  • Reduced volume of the horse's drop sound effect


Fist's Elimination Tower for Windows 32 MB
Oct 19, 2017
Fist's Elimination Tower for Mac 32 MB
Oct 19, 2017

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